What material is used for indoor shooting range target

23/06 2022 564

The wall behind the shooting range target is actually an ordinary wall, but in order to ensure that it will not penetrate the shooting range target and damage the wall, the general shooting range target will make a retractor in front of the wall to reduce the shooting range. For the penetrating destructive power caused by the target, what is currently used in indoor shooting ranges is generally called a shutter type retractor. The material of this type of shutter type retractor is mainly bulletproof steel plate and density rubber brick.


This material is usually made by laying high-density rubber bricks on the front. After the bullets pass through, they will hit the slope and fall off. The bottom is usually a drawer, and the bullets will fall into the drawer to facilitate later cleaning. It takes a long time, just replace one of the rubber bricks in front of them after they are broken, and the maintenance cost is relatively low. The tire retractor is generally used in outdoor shooting ranges, which is more troublesome to maintain, but the cost is low.

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